Why You Do Not Need An equineGenie Demo

We don’t offer a trial demo.

equineGenie is an integrated business system that requires setting up its financials, horse care and management, business operations and customers to appreciate its full capability and value.

We do offer a 30 day money back guarantee and unlimited, free setup help, training and ongoing support instead of a trial demo.

We found trial demos to be ineffective and frustrating to most potential customers without customer support. Therefore, we elected to give potential customers a 30 day money back guarantee and help them, free of charge, to get it right from the beginning. We use Citrix’s ‘GotoAssist’, www.fastsupport.com. This allows us, with your permission, to be right on your system with you for setup, training and support. Your system is quickly setup, and setup correctly, so it is immediately helping you measure and manage your horse business. You are not wasting your valuable time with a trial demo.

equineGenie is designed so that you don’t need to be an accountant, business guru or computer whiz.

We have tried to eliminate as much data entry as possible using dropdown menus and point and click selections from equineGenie’s expert knowledgebase. When you do make an entry, equineGenie will auto-learn the entry so you will not have to enter it again. equineGenie supports you with resource optimization, predictive modeling and heuristic learning that is designed into the system’s artificial intelligence - nothing falls through the crack or goes unattended!

We measure our success by your success. Our primary goal is making your horse business as successful as possible!