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  • Business Owner

    Business Information, Preferences, Departments, Executive Summary

  • Financial

    Financial Setup, Financial Management, Analysis and Accounting

  • Horse Care & Management

    Horse Information, Horse Nutrition, Horse Care Providers, Horse Preventative Care, Horse Health Care

  • Horse Training and Lessons

    Trainers, Training Plans, Schedules, Training Instructors, Lesson Plans, Schedules, Lessons

  • Stallion and Mare Reproduction

    Stallion Live Cover, Collection, Shipping, Frozen Semen shipping, Straw Storage and Inventory Mare Estrous Cycle Management, Breeding and Foaling

  • Customer Care and Management

    Customer Information, Billing Setup, Customer and Horse Billing Logs, Billing Management, Invoicing and Receipts

  • equineGenie - Business Operations

    Supplies on Hand Management, Supplier Management, Purchasing, Inventory Management and Control, Employee management, Business Vehicle Management

  • equineGenie - Security and Networking

    equineGenie security, usernames and passwords, remote data entry with clientGenie, remote data gathering with pocketGenie and tabletGenie.

  • equineGenie - System Overview

    How equineGenie manages your business by measuring your financials, horse activities, business operations and customer billing and invoicing!