Frequently Asked Questions

Is equineGenie Web based?

equineGenie is not web-based, but you can still enter information into equineGenie from remote locations. There are three reasons why equineGenie is not web based or have cloud storage.

  1. Security –Because equineGenie is a complete management system that includes your financial transactions, we felt it was better to have a resident-client architecture with encrypted transfers so your financial information is not exposed to corruption or unwanted eyes.

  2. Speed – Because equineGenie is a real-time management system the information you enter is analyzed and management suggestions are made as your data is being entered. Our resident-client architecture is more dependable and not competing with other users on the same server. There are no other computing devices in the connection path that could slow down data transfers.

  3. Connection Reliability – equineGenie needs to have a reliable, dependable and predictable connection when entering remote data. The competition for available bandwidth is minimized with a resident-client architecture, whereas each user in a web-based architecture is competing for bandwidth with all other users. With no other computing device in the connection path the opportunity for failure is further minimized. If you want a six-sigma connection you eliminate the opportunity for failure. equineGenie's resident-client architecture eliminates as many opportunities for failure as possible.

How can I enter information remote to my equineGenie system?

Information is entered into equineGenie remotely using clientGenie. clientGenie is sold separately from equineGenie for $199. clientGenie has an unlimited license and can be installed on an unlimited number of computing devices. The equineGenie-clientGenie connection is encrypted, high-speed and reliable. The connection can be over a LAN, a WAN, or the Internet. clientGenie mirrors equineGenie in features, functions, and reporting. The clientGenie software enables multiple users to use equineGenie at the same time. When the Enter button is selected on a clientGenie screen, the clientGenie data is automatically transferred to the equineGenie database without fear of being lost or corrupted. The clientGenie data that is transferred to equineGenie is immediately available to all other equineGenie users dependent on the system security settings.

Is equineGenie available on smart phones and tablets?

equineGenie and clientGenie will operate on any tablet that supports a Windows operating system. equineGenie and clientGenie operate in Windows 98 through and including Windows 10 - 32 and 64 bit.

equineGenie or clientGenie are not available on a smartphone. The display on a smartphone is too small to enter enough management information to be of value. As the smartphone displays increase in size, equineGenie and clientGenie on a smartphone may be considered.

Does equineGenie have any monthly charges or annual fees?

The purchase of any equineGenie product includes unlimited free setup help, product training, ongoing support and software updates. There are no monthly charges or annual fees. If a new report is required to meet a user’s specific requirements, the report can be developed free of charge as long as GenieCo, Inc., owns the resulting report and is authorized to include it in future software releases.

If I need support, is support readily available?

equineGenie is used in more than 29 countries. Live person support is available worldwide 24/7. Support is available by telephone, e-mail, or Citrix’s, GoToAssist/FastSupport. FastSupport enables an equineGenie customer care representative to be on your system with you, with your permission. This enables the equineGenie customer care representative to observe and help you with your problem real-time on your equineGenie system.

What is the asktheGenie service?

Our asktheGenie service is a stable of equine experts and professionals that are available to help you with horse, business, and financial questions. The service is free of charge with the purchase of any equineGenie system. Our asktheGenie service is e-mail based and your questions are answered within 72 hours. For example, you might be interested in having your horse’s nutrition program analyzed, or you might be interested in knowing the depreciation schedule on your new tractor or Western show saddle.

How do I purchase equineGenie?

After you determine which equineGenie solution will help you best manage your horse business, you select the BUY NOW button associated with your selection. Selecting the BUY NOW button will take you to PayPal where you complete your purchase. You do not need a PayPal account. You can use any PayPal method of payment. There are NO service charges. All service charges are paid by GenieCo, Inc. GenieCo, Inc. does not receive any of your credit card of bank financial information. When the purchase is complete and verified by PayPal, GenieCo, Inc., is notified that your purchase can be shipped or downloaded.

Can I download equineGenie after I purchase it?

Your equineGenie purchase can be downloaded after PayPal has notified GenieCo, Inc., that the purchase has been verified and can be shipped. You, or a GenieCo customer care representative can download your equineGenie system. If you elect to have your equineGenie system shipped, GenieCo, Inc., ships your equineGenie system 2nd day priority. When your system ships you receive a tracking number. When you receive your equineGenie system, GenieCo, Inc., is notified. At that time an appointment can be scheduled for one of GenieCo', Inc.'s, customer care representatives to help you setup your equineGenie system and start your product training. We encourage our customers to take advantage of the FREE service.

All international equineGenie purchases are downloaded to save our customers considerable expense. An international purchase can be downloaded after the purchaser’s funds have been verified by PayPal or have cleared GenieCo, Inc.'s, bank.

I use QuickBooks. Why would I want to use equineGenie financials?

QuickBooks is a good accounting program. Unfortunately, with QuickBooks as with any accounting program, you are entering financial transactions that have already been made. You are entering history. equineGenie does your accounting, but with the added value of real-time analysis so your can make better business decisions. With QuickBooks, or any other accounting program, you have to export your financial transactions and then, spend your value time doing the analysis that equineGenie does for you, automatically. We hope that one of the value points you consider when you purchase a horse business management system is its cost of ownership. When you purchase equineGenie you do not need any additional software to purchase and you do not have any annual software maintenance charges. You save your money and valuable time because equineGenie does everything in one program. We have been told that equineGenie financials are much easier to understand and use then QuickBooks or other accounting programs.